Andrew Maddison


A Mobile Formatted TFL Tube Updates Page

For some reason Transport for London don’t seem to publish a mobile site with live tube updates (for smartphones - not WAP). I don’t really want to have to download a whole tfl app, it’s not like live tube updates are any use to me off-line, a webpage does the trick. TFL do publish an embedable javascript widget, which on an otherwise empty page does the job nicely, and so here is that missing page:

Mobile formatted live tube updates from TFL
(On a desktop computer it’s also faster to load that the full TFL homepage)

I first threw this up as a little page for my own use when I got my Android phone about 18 months ago, but I’ve just refreshed it a wee bit. The following should work perfectly on any smartphone or small-screen device which supports javascript (Android and iPhone for starters). Just bookmark the above page and then uninstall that irritating tfl live info app.

Edit: Of course, you could cut out the middle man and simply go here: (which also works without javascript, although with javascript it rather aggresively resizes itself to be fullscreen).