Andrew Maddison


Arduino Motor Shield

I’ve just spent a happy couple of hours soldering up a new motor shield for my Arduino. It’s the newer one that can control 2 steppers, 2 servos or 4 DC motors.

Arduino Motor Shield
Soldering away. Note the awesome quality lamp shade - recycling in action there.
Arduino motor shield taking shape
I found the instructions pretty easy to follow. The only problems I had were with the header pins for the Servos, which insisted on falling out before I could solder the little buggers in. I also had to clip the legs of the reset switch and connector block, because they were fouling the power connector on the Arduino below.
Motor shield finished and in place on my Arduino
And here it is in place on my Arduino. I haven’t actually tried it out yet, hope I didn’t fry anything.

I confess I didn’t really twig that I was getting a kit rather than a finished board until it arrived, but with hindsight the kit was far more fun. Kinda like getting a free Airfix model with your motor controller.

This motor controller ishopefully destined to go inside one of my woodwork projects if I ever finish it, but more on that another day.