Andrew Maddison


Installing Xerox 7855 Printer Drivers on Ubuntu

Here’s how I installed the printer drivers for my current client’s Xerox 7855 printers. Worked on my machine, your milage may vary!

First, download the drivers. They come as a self extracting zip file (windows .exe) from the Xerox support website here.

Then you need to use Wine to unpack the zip, this turned out to be pretty easy.

sudo apt-get install wine
[blah blah...]
wine WC78XX_PPD_English.exe

That will unpack the zip, then you play hunt the files, the default location for me was ~/.wine/drive_c/Xerox/WC78XX_PPD_Driver

Then fire up the printers dialogue from System Settings, and add a new printer. At this client I then chose

NetworkPrinter>LPD/LPR host or printer

The host and queue were provided to me by the client in the form:


In the Dialogue box, put just the ip address (not scheme or path) into the Host field, and the queue name into the queue box (duh).

Finally, for this client, they have a follow you printing system, so you have to get your id card registered with your computer username, so that your print jobs get delivered to you when you visit the printer.