Andrew Maddison


If RSA SecurId on Android Rejects Your Token - Try Upgrading

I just had to import a new RSA SecurID key into my phone, as the old one had expired. Unfortunately two things frustrated me. As the page on installing RSA’s SecurId app on Android and iPhone is one of the most visited on my blog, I thought I ought to post an update here.

First, the app consistently rejected my key as invalid. In the end I noticed that I had the slightly out of date 1.1 version. Play didn’t seem to want to update it, so I uninstalled, and then installed the latest 1.2 version. The new version installed the key with no problems.

Secondly, as the link doesn’t seem to have a magic protocol to launch the RSA app any more (or mayby that was only ever on the iPhone) you have to copy and paste the key from your email to the RSA app. Irritatingly the standard press-and-hold to paste didn’t work, but there is a paste menu item which solved the problem.