Andrew Maddison


Octopress on Amazon S3. If You Can Read This, I've Migrated!

So I wanted to cut my blog hosting costs, so I’ve ditched my expensive Windows virtual server running Subtext in favour of Octopress hosted on S3, which is free for a year and hopefully cheap thereafter (for my puny blog anyway).

It wasn’t crazy hard, there are loads of good guides to be found on Octopress and S3, and a couple on importing from BlogML (which Subtext can generate).

The only fail so far is comments. As Octopress is a static blog generator (ie, ruby scripts on my local machine generate static html which gets uploaded) it doesn’t support comments natively. You can use a third party system (Disqus) but it doesn’t support BlogML, so more wrangling is needed before I can get all your lovely comments back.

If I get time I’ll write up what I did (which seems to be code for: I’ll never write this up!).