Andrew Maddison


Exception Inspector - Stack Trace Explorer vs 2010

Being a soggy headed fellow - I just spent 5 minutes Googling in an attempt to find the “Exception Inspector” in Visual Studio 2010, which of course doesn’t exist.

I was in fact looking for the awesome Stack Trace Explorer provided by Resharper. I finally found it when a sleepy Neuron remembered the shortcut (ctrl + shift + e)

For any that don’t know (and a bit of SEO juice), the stack trace explorer let’s you paste in some text that contains a stack trace (for example from a log file), and Resharper will parse it, highlight it, and sprinkle it with useful links back to the code, such as the line of code which threw the exception in the first place.

A trivial sounding but useful feature, is that the pasted text can contain loads of other cruft as well, and the parser wont complain. So you really can just copy an ugly chunk of log file from your server, and find the line of code in your solution.

Edit: 9th March 2012
I’ve been doing a lot of Java at work recently, and am pleased to discover that IntelliJ has pretty much the same feature, it’s called “Analyse Stracktrace”, and can be found in the analyse menu.